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Hello to all the new members, and welcome to the Metal Bookings band management website.

On this site, members can read regular articles and advice about what you really need to know to be a successful rock band. This is information you really cannot find anywhere else. This advice will help you avoid the mistakes that we, a professional management and booking agency, find so many bands to have made. Mistakes that might appear small but which can completely change your chances of a successful music career.

From this site, you can learn how the music business works, who does what for a band, and occasional warnings of how it can sometimes work to harm the very bands which are making the creative product. You will learn to understand how the rock you love functions as a business and to work your way through its pitfalls. You will learn what to expect as your career in music progresses, which tactics and investments can improve your band's profile,  and which should be avoided.

You will learn what to expect on tour so you can be prepared, so you enjoy the amazing experience of being on the road, and so you know when something is going wrong. You will even learn a little about spotting those contracts which are not quite to your advantage.

So read on. There is an exciting world of rock to explore!


The Metal Bookings Team

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